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Why haven't test cruises started? Celebrity Cruise Vlog: Celebrity Cruise Blog

Why haven’t Celebrity test cruises started?

So the big question everyone is asking is when will cruising start? The truth is no one knows for sure when cruises will resume in the United States. Currently in the US cruise lines including Celebrity Cruise Line are awaiting the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to provide more detailed technical specifications in regards to test sailings. The CDC's framework will remain in effect until November 1, 2021. There is no current word to what to expect after that. Until technical guidance is given from the CDC, no test cruises can take place according to a Cruise Critic article. "The reason you haven't heard anything is because we don't have dates yet," said Vicki Freed, Royal Caribbean’s senior vice president of sales, trade support and service which owns Celebrity Cruise line. She went on to say that the cruise line is in frequent contact with the CDC and they are being diplomatic with the agency.

Once test cruises start; how long until regular cruise voyages can begin?:

According to Frank Del Rio, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Lines stated that the CDC may be more flexible in its 60 day requirement of test sailings. "It's not a hard 60 days -- I think it could be less. How much less? I don't know. We haven't received that kind of specificity on these guidelines."

At the time of writing the article I do not have any specific information pertaining specifically to Celebrity Cruise Line and their window of time between test sailings and revenue sailings.

Currently Carnival, Norwegian and Disney cruise line have canceled sailings up until May 30, of 2021, however The Royal Caribbean Group which owns Celebrity Cruise Line has only canceled until April 30th, 2021. Do you think more Celebrity sailings will be canceled too?

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