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Top 10 Myths about Sailing On Celebrity Cruise Line: Celebrity Cruise Blog and Celebrity Cruise Vlog

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

  1. You will feel out of place if you are younger.

Although the average age of a cruiser on Celebrity is around the age of 50, this varies by sailing length, time of year and itinerary. Our first Celebrity cruise I was 33 years old and my fiancé was 29. It was a summer seven night Caribbean itinerary. Although we were among the youngest adults onboard there was a nice mix of ages on board. Our tablemates in the main dining room were other couples around our age. The six of us who met onboard really enjoyed ourselves. In addition there were some couples in their thirties and forties, families with children and older couples as well. If you like excellent food and service and you are not looking for a party scene than Celebrity Cruise Line may be a good fit for you.

2. You shouldn’t sail Celebrity if you are sailing with children.

Although children are more common on Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean; families with children do sail on Celebrity but usually there are less children onboard. Most of Celebrity’s fleet does have a children’s club onboard. Due to the lower number of children onboard the staff can devote more attention to each child. This makes Celebrity ideal for families with children who likes to play on their own, have more attention with adult staff in the kids club, or a child who prefers spending time with their family. If your child loves running around the ship with packs of other children, or going down slides and riding bumper cars then sailing with your child on Celebrity may not be a good fit. To see more about the kids club click here

3. Cruising on Celebrity is formal and pretentious.

Although Celebrity Cruises is considered a premium cruise line with an upscale feeling I do not consider it formal or pretentious. Their fleet is designed to accomplish a feeling of modern luxury to give the feeling of a luxurious land resort. Celebrity is considered the most modern compared to their competitors: Holland America, and Princess Cruise Line.

4. Celebrity is now all-inclusive.

Recently Celebrity changed their pricing structure to an “‘all’ Inclusive” format. Now any newly booked sailings include gratuities, classic beverage package and basic Wi-Fi; however not everything is included onboard. Specialty dining, the premium beverage package, and spa are extra. I think describing Celebrity as mostly included is a more accurate description. You can do Ala carte upgrades to be more inclusive or you can upgrade to a more inclusive package.

Click here to learn more about the all-inclusive packages.

5. will not like the food on Celebrity.

I can not speak to your specific taste in food, but there is a wide variety of food options on board from complementary options to specialty dining which costs extra. Cuisine ranges from American, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, and French; not to mention a selection of wonderful desserts! There is a variety that will cater to most peoples’ pallets. From our experience waitstaff are very accommodating; if you do not see something on the menu you like or you want something modified they will accommodate you if possible. The staff on Celebrity are superb and they really want to satisfy guests.

6. Specialty dining is not worth the money.

This is probably the most subjective item on my list. The free food on Celebrity we found very good to excellent in our opinion. If you are looking to stick to a budget or are content with the free food there is nothing wrong with that; however we found the specialty dining to typically be worth the extra cost. For example the steak in the specialty dining is typically more tender. In addition we find the food, plating and service to often be better than the free options. Our favorite specialty dining is the Chef’s Table.

7 I will be bored.

Once again I can not speak for everyone; however there are a lot of choices on board; live music, pools and hot tubs, live shows, comedians, bingo, trivia, a spa and casino. Often there is more than one thing that may interest you. But most people will find something to stay busy and fight off boredom. When all else fails an afternoon nap may be a good option too!

8. Celebrity will not have the itinerary I want.

Although Celebrity has a smaller fleet than Carnival and Royal Caribbean there are still many options in ships and itineraries Celebrity offers sailings from North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Galapagos, and South America.

9. There will be a lot of drunk people.

We sailed on Celebrity, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean at the time of writing this article. From our experience there weren’t many drunks on Celebrity especially compared to another cruise line we sailed on. With Celebrity going ‘all’ inclusive some may think this will change; however I do not feel that will be the case, but only time will tell when sailings start up again.

10. Staff will try to get you to buy things.

Having sailed on three different cruise lines I have experienced frequent sales pitches on Carnival and Royal, but on Celebrity the sales pitches are less frequent and less pushy. From my recollection I mainly remember employees pitching specialty dining at the entrance to Ocean View Café (The buffet) and once in the main dining room. However the way they approached it was way more graceful and far more friendly.

Please post a comment on what you think is a myth about cruising Celebrity. Also feel free to share this with a friend. Any feedback is welcomed too.

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